Our Philosophy

Our motto "Drink like a local" perfectly describes our approach to wine trading. We want our customers to experience buying wine in the same way the founders of Wineeto have always experienced it: discover excellence, shop locally, buy bulk.
Add to this a particular attention to the environment and sustainability, and you create the perfect mix for customers!

Experience Prosecco like a local

Discover Excellence

Wineeto will take you on a journey to help you discover new producers of Prosecco. Every month we will select just one winery, showcase their best products and give you the opportunity to buy Prosecco directly from them at the best possible price.

Shop locally

The mainstay of drinking like a local is to buy wine directly from the producer. In this spirit, every case of wine purchased on our website arrives directly from the vineyard to your house, without other intermediaries.

Buy bulk

Drinking like a local means buying like a local, and locals buy bulk!

Are you planning a party and want to impress your guests? Order a case (or two!) of Prosecco and enjoy it together.

You feel like a case of wine is too much for you? Then partner up with a friend and order together!

Be sustainable

Wineeto pays particular attention to sustainability in selecting our wineries. We also do our best to reduce the carbon footprint of our activity. To achieve this, we group orders and deliver to our customers once per month directly from the winery. Furthermore, emissions from our last-mile deliveries are fully compensated.

We continue working with the wineries and our logistics partners to deliver an excellent and sustainable product to your doorstep!