About us

Wineeto was founded by Giorgio, Alberto and Franco, three "normal" guys born and raised in the Prosecco region of Veneto, in northeastern Italy. Surrounded by vineyards and passionate wine producers, locals have great respect for the cultural significance of wine in the region , particularly Prosecco, and consider it part of their heritage.

While Prosecco is wildly available all over the world, the passion for the product, how it is consumed and the way it brings people together is often difficult to export. The goal of Wineeto is to share our way of living Prosecco from the vineyard to the local "Ostaria" with people all over the world, starting from Belgium.

Wineeto carefully selects niche wineries, high quality Prosecco variants and innovative methods to offer customers in Belgium a comprehensive experience of Veneto, following the motto "drink like a local!"

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